JRI Poland #Poland Available Now: New Radom Tombstone Translations #poland

Susan Weinberg

In 2010 a monument was erected in Radom, Poland with about 72 Jewish
tombstones that had previously been hidden away in a warehouse. A Polish
tombstone maker had taken them during the war thinking he'd sell them after
the war. Under Communist control they could have nothing of historic value
so they languished in the warehouse. Haim Kintzler, head of the Israeli
Radom Society became aware of these tombstones and got the tombstone maker's
children to donate them to the city to put in a special museum. Nothing
happened for 13 years due to lack of funds, but just last year through a
collaboration between the Israeli and the Polish prison systems a monument
was built by Polish prisoners. The monument referred to as a Lapidarium is
composed of all of the tombstones. Through a contact in Radom I got photos
of the tombstones and was able to get a few more on a return visit earlier
this year. Those have now been translated thanks to Moshe Michel Werber and
Bob Rosen and can now be found on the Radom Shtetlink. Moshe Michel also
cross referenced these with the Book of Residents and provided detailed
translations of several with extensive text. Ultimately photos will be
available through JOWBR, but in the interim you can also access a web album
with the photos. If you are as fortunate as one of our translators you may
discover that one of them belongs to one of your relatives.

You can find more information at

A new interview with a Radom survivor has also been added. She relates her
experiences pre-war and during the forced labor camp in Radom up to 1944.

Find the shtetlink at http://www.shtetlinks.jewishgen.org/radom/

Susan Weinberg

(Sienno, Poland) KISHLANSKY & SHIECHER (Kamenetz Podolsk, Ukraine), RAICHEL,
SHER, GOLD (Dunilovichi & Glebokie, Belarus)

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