Re: Location of Brezowice near Lwow/Lviv #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Eva Floersheim wrote:

A little girl was assumably born in Brezowice near Lwow in 1935 .
She was probably one of the so called Teheran children brought out of the
Soviet Union in 1942 with the Anders Army.
I found no trace of Borszowice.
Any ideas?

Is it Borszowice or "Brezowice" you are searching for?

1.Borszowice [boh rsho vee tseh] are known currently as Borshevichi at 4939
2250 - ShtetlSeeker will assist you with pinpointing location. Town is
located 55 miles WSW >from Lwow and about 2 miles distance >from Nizankowice
(currently: Nizhankovichi), known Jewish shtetl.

2. Brezowice [breh zoh vee tse] - name is associated with the 'birch', but
this is a corrupted version. Brzezowice, Brzozowice or similarly sounding
prewar town names should be probably investigated.

There are few possibilities:

2a.Brzezowiec [bzeh zoh vets] near Czaszyn (Lesko) in Poland - before WWII
this area was an intrgral part of Lwow Province
2b.Brzuchowice [bzhuh kho vee tse] (currently known as Bryukhovichi), lovely
spa and known summer retreat for the Lwow and surrounding area residents,
located just 9 km distance >from Lwow.

3.Brzozdowce [bzhoh zdoh vtseh] (currently known as Berezdovtse) at 4927
2409. This used to be also known prewar Jewish shtetl near Bobrka and close
to Lwow. I recall being engaged some time ago in search of this shttel while
assisting with research on request >from the Jewish Historical
Institute/Lauder Foundation in Warsaw.

Hope this help.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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