JRI Poland #Poland Re: Polish Word for Tzstzis maker #poland

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there is no Polish word specifically for a tzitzis maker. Actually, I
can't even think of a Polish word for tzitzis. They were called simple
"fredzle" (tassels) or, when precision was needed, "cyces" (Yiddish
pronunciation of tzitzit). So a tzitzis maker would be most possibly
called "fredzlarz" or "pasamonik" ("haberdasher") in Polish. However,

most possibly a rare and obsolete Polish word would be used: "talisnik",
meaning "Talit maker".

Hope that helps.

Best regards,
Witold Wrzosinski

MODERATOR'S NOTE: Because this list cannot publish words that
include accentede characters, the accents have been removed from
the words "fredzle," "fredzlarz," and "talisnik" in the above

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