Re: Polish Wire Transfers #galicia

Alexander Sharon

Robert Mandelbaum wrote:

the wire instructions that I had received were insufficient.
my bank needs to know the full names of the Polish banks, and not merely
abbreviations. Accordingly, does anyone know what the full names of
or both of the following two banks are?

Bank PBK Oddzia_ III/Warszawa
BGZ S.A. Malbork

In other words, what do "PBK" and "BGZ" (and "S.A.") stand for?

PBK and BGZ are the abbreviations of the two Polish Banks

PBK= Powszechny Bank Kredytowy SA
BGZ = Bank Gospodarki Zywnosciowe SA
SA = Spolka Akcyjna = Joint Stock Company (JSC)

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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