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Paula & David

I have just learned that there is an unexpected chance that I will be in
Eastern Europe this May. I was planning to do a trip there after I had a
chance to do more family research, but now need to figure out how I might
(in the short time between now and late May) be able to take best advantage of
a possible chance to visit my mother's birthplace, Chelm, Poland.

Most of my genealogy work had been on my father's side because there are
few living relatives on my mother's side who survived the war. I do have
the names back to my maternal grandmother's parents, and my maternal
grandfather's father's name, as well as have information >from on line with the
names of my grandmothers siblings who mostly died during the war. Their last
names are not common ones (Flaksman and Waxman).

I will not have a lot of time (husband's patience and our overall time
there is likely limited) to do research, but would at least like to see the
town, and possibly photograph some grave headstones if I can find relevant
ones. I also know that my mother lived on a farm with her grandparents
until she came to the US at a very young age, and wondered if there was a
way to search records to see if I could locate this place; would
any of this be available on line?.

Any suggestions re: getting to/staying in Chelm (>from Warsaw),
historically Jewish sections of town, or how to possibly get information
on where I might find relevant family graves to photograph (in Chelm,
and possibly Warsaw,Lublin), or find records for this farm (I really am
not sure they owned it, but would like to try to find it if feasible).

Thanks for any assistance you can offer. Paula Solomon

(FISHMAN), SHALIT of Chelm, Warsaw, Lublin

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