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Jan Meisels Allen

The Embassy of the Republic of Poland in the U.S.A. (Washington, DC)
hosted Agnieska Holland, a distinguished Polish filmmaker, last week.
Ms. Holland's latest film, In Darkness, is a true story by Robert
Marshall, In the Sewers of Lvov. It is set in German-occupied Poland
during World War II, where a Polish thief hides a group of Jewish
refugees, ultimately saving their lives while risking his own. The
film is nominated for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Film category.

The Polish Embassy spoke with Ms. Holland recently and the interview
is available for viewing at:
The interview with Ms. Holland is in English.

The film's name, In Darkness, is based on the 80 percent of the film
occurring in the sewers of the Polish city of Lvov during World War II,
a place where a group of Jews lived for more than a year under
circumstances that are almost unimaginable. The film's focus is not on
the Jews but on the anti-Semitic, Catholic Pole who becomes their
unlooked-for savior and lifeline, according to movie review by the
Los Angeles Times

The thief, an inspector in Lvov's sewers by day, by night he was a burglar,
hiding his loot in the underground system. Sensing that a liquidation of
the Lvov ghetto is imminent, the Jews investigate the sewers as a potential
hiding place, which is where they literally run into the thief. According
to the review, "Helping make 'In Darkness' so realistic and so involving is
Holland's decision, apparently taken against the advice of the screenwriter
and the producers, to tell this story in all its multiple original
languages. Having characters often not understanding each other as they
speak Polish, Yiddish, German and Ukrainian underlines the fraught
complexity of Poland's ethnic situation."

I have not seen the movie, nor have any connection with it.

Jan Meisels Allen
Agoura Hills, CA

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