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Alexander Sharon


Both Wolica and Szwejkow have been located close to Podhajce.
H.Konrad is listed in Wolica in lime business - see 1929 Poland Business
Directory on line.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Ab

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Dear GG: I am researching Konrad(t), the maiden name of my GGGrandmother.
My grandfather said he was >from Podhajce, but I cannot find his name in
of the new Podhajce records. There are two references >from Podhajce named
Konrad(t) whose homes are Wolica and Szwejkow. I can find neither in WOWW
and one referenced in Shtetl seeker. Is anyone reserching these towns?
Does anyone know if they are close to Podhajce/Kosova/Tarnopol? Thank
Carol Cohen


KONRAD(T), WALDMAN(N), Podhajce,

Carol Cohen
Dallas, TX USA

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