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Milton Koch

I have determined that my PGGM, Schlome Selzer, was born in Trembowla
and married Chaim Koch and lived in Potok Zloty. Her father was Naftali.

I have received birth records >from a Naftali Salzer (mother Schlome
from Trembowla) but he was >from Budzanow (Budaniv) born in 1885. It is
clear that these two women are not the same based on their husband's
name as well as the dates involved. Can I assume that there may be a
relationship to my family with the "continuation" of a first name in the
family. If so, why would both women have the same first name, ie, his
mother as well as my PGGGM? What would the relationship be, if so?

Please respond privately.

Milton Koch
Bethesda, MD USA

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