JRI Poland #Poland "Mystery of house number 155 3/4" #poland


Following advice of couple of very knowledgeable members of this community I
would like to ask the question:

This is still about "secrets" of the house numbers in Lvov/ Lemberg / Lwow

This number (155 3/4 or 154 3/4) keeps appearing in my family records in
1840 ties an 1850 ties. I would like to know if it is a public (synagogue,
hospital, community) building or a private one (in 1871 r directory it looks
like a private one, but a map >from this time shows an apparently public
building of this number).
It is very important, since it is often the only link between different
persons with the same surname.
I am sure there are among us much more experienced researchers than myself.
With your extensive experience, did you come across of this number often
(which would confirm its public status)?
Thanks for help,

Henryk Gruder,
Ottawa, Canada,

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