JRI Poland #Poland Re: Gesher Galicia launches the Map Room! Dobromil Map Question #poland

Tony Kahane <kahane@...>

"[Die] Sendung des Heil[igen] Geistes" means the "Mission of the Holy
Spirit" - not Google's "Broadcast of the Healing Hearts".

I think this is the name of the church shown on the Dobromil map just to the
left of the "S" of "Sendung". The map seems to label churches (including
another one, Verklaerung Christi), as well as the synagogue, in unusually
large lettering.

Tony Kahane
London, UK

On August 6, Shelli Wiener wrote in part:

In the middle of the map just below the word Dobromil, it seems to say:
'Sendung des Heil Geistes' which Google translates as
'Broadcast of the Healing Arts'.
OK - excusing Google's shortcomings at least it's a start.
It is a large area - bigger than a hospital even if it were to
have additional buildings like one for lepers or one for pleurisy.
Can someone please shed some light on this obviously important demarcation?

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