JRI Poland #Poland Need help translating Spanish to English re: "Sefer Serock" #poland

Howard Orenstein

Dear Friends,
I am coordinating the project to translate "Sefer Serock" >from Yiddish
into English.


Recently, I learned that Dr. Silvio GUTKOWSKI, a psychiatrist in Israel,
translated an abbreviated version of "Sefer Serock" into Castilian
Spanish. In addition to the chapters >from the original Yizkor Book, Dr.
GUTKOWSKI (whose father was born in Serock before emigrating to Buenos
Aires), as well as others having a connection to Serock added personal
remarks which appear in Spanish in his book: "El Libro De Serock:
Historias Imborrables" (2010).

I have permission >from Silvio to put his and others' comments (in
English) on my website, "Jewish Heritage in Serock, Poland." Google
translate provided a skeletal version of the Spanish-to-English
translation, but I need a bit more help making sense out of the original
Spanish prose. I can supply the Spanish version (pdf) along with the
basic google-coordinated English (Word file). I'm concentrating on the
first section which contains 2 sets of remarks, and totals 15 pages.

Please email me privately if you would like to help with tightening up
the Spanish-English translation of these personal remarks. I look forward
to hearing >from you.

Thank you.

Howard Orenstein, Ph.D.

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