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Henryk Gruder <henrygruder@...>

I am a relatively new researcher ("only" couple of years) and still learning
the tools of the trade.

Couple of questions:

Re: "Family number": if assigned to a "head" of family, does it stick to all
descendants or if a son marries gets a new one? By the way: the "Family
numbers" were used for a short time only: the first two decades of XIX
century not used and then in 60 ties and later not used again, I believe.

Re: "House numbers" - in the Death registry in Lvov 1840 ties many pages,
all entries had the "address" 557 3/4, which later switched to 62 3/4 to
stay for many pages. Meaning?

Re: In the same as above Death Registry column "Anmerkung"? has pairs of
numbers, for instance: 152, 155. Usually the second greater than the first
one, but that is not a rule. Meaning?

Henryk Gruder,
Ottawa, Canada,

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