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This message just came out. I am sure it will of interest to many of you.

The National Library (NLI) and the Central Archives (CAHJP) have merged

The National Library of Israel (NLI) and the Central Archives for the
History of the Jewish People (CAHJP) are happy to announce a recent
merger between both institutions. For over 120 years, the National
Library of Israel has been collecting, preserving and making
accessible one of the world's most significant collections of Hebraica
and Judaica. The merger with the CAHJP will strengthen both
institutions and eventually provide improved accessibility to the
overwhelming collections which have been collected by the CAHJP. The
CAHJP was founded over 70 years ago in Jerusalem by a group of
historians and public figures who sought to preserve the historical
heritage of the Jewish people. Over the years the CAHJP managed to
collect the archives of thousands of communities, organizations,
families and Jewish personalities >from 64 countries. Its current
holdings consist of more than 60 million pages of original material,
spanning >from the 14th century up until the 20th century, with an
additional 18 million frames of microfilm.

Although the National Library of Israel (NLI) was founded in 1892,
only in 2007 was the National Library Act passed in the Knesset,
establishing its status as the National Library of the Jewish people
and the State of Israel. The mission of the National Library of Israel
(NLI) is to collect, preserve, cultivate and endow treasures of
knowledge, heritage and culture, with an emphasis on the State of
Israel and pre-state history, and the Jewish people. By incorporating
current and evolving technologies, at the nexus of Israel's national
and cultural center in Jerusalem, the NLI will forge the rich past
with the intellectual and cultural productivity of generations to
come. The NLI plays a transformative role, opening its physical and
virtual gates to people of all nations and religions, committed to
serving a broad and diversified population of users, both in Israel
and globally. As part of its renewal, the NLI has updated its
collection strategy, deciding to strengthen its archival collections
by merging with the most important archive for the history of the
Jewish people. The merging process will last several years, eventually
transferring the collections of the CAHJP to the National Library of
Israel's new building.

Dr. Aviad A. Stollman, Ph.D.
Judaica Collection Curator, Collections Division, The National Library
of Israel

E.J. Safra Campus, Givat Ram, P.O.B. 39105; Jerusalem 91390, Israel
(E) Aviad.Stollman@nli.org.il

Rose Feldman
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