JRI Poland #Poland Age of Jews in Eastern territory during World War II #poland

Ariel K <arielvfu@...>

September 1939:

Our ancestor Fajwel Naftal and family lived in Warsaw prior to the war
we know that in 1940 he was documented in the Soviet territory while
his wife and all of his children were in the Warsaw Ghetto;
he was not a young man (born 1890), we ask ourselves how come he
arrived to the Eastern territory.

Is there a possibility that a man of his age was recruited? did they
even had the attempt to recruit Jews to the Polish army? and were
soldiers >from the Polish army were "trapped" and could not return home
post war between the "new Poland" territories?

Besides his home address in Warsaw, name and year of birth we posses
no information concerning him, how can we know whether or not he had
served in the army and solve this mystery?

Thank you
Ariel Koby

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