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On 5 juin 2013, at 09:07, Fred Huss wrote:

Does anyone know of a database or list of Torah scrolls that survived
from the towns and shtetls across Galicia?
In particular, does anyone know if there are any surviving scrolls
from Horodenka, Poland, now in western Ukraine.

List I don't know,and I haven't noted anything concerning torah scrolls
in the Yizkor Book of Horodenka when I studied it. But I did in that of

"On April 13, at 2:00 a.m., the cart of the Jewish cartman Meir
Budzanower, reached the house of the Torah script, Jona Kwalenberg. On
this cart, Shmuel Rosenthal and Gedalja Duchowni loaded 45 Torah scrolls
and eight sacks of Talitot and Tefilins. The strange funeral moved
through the streets of Buczacz [...] to the Greek-Catholic Monsatery of
the Bazilian brothers. [...] The gates of the Monastery barely opened
that shootings were heard in town. The frightened brothers received the
Holy charge and asked the Jews to flee so as not to endanger them. [in
1943] At the Same time [liquidation of Buczacz labour camp], when the
inevitable bitter end approached, the Torah script Kwalenberg and the
witness took the 20 Torah scrolls they have hid and gave them to the
Roman-Catholic priest, to hide. [After the liberation of Buczacz] I have
received all the Torah Scrolls back. Some of them I brought to
Tschenorivts and gave to the synagogue and some I brought to Wroclaw. "
(Rosenthal Shmuel , 'How It Happened: Second Witness', in Cohen
Yisrael, Ed., Sefer Buczacz: Matsevet Zikaron Le-kehila Kedosha (Book of
Buczacz; in Memory of a Martyred Community), Published by the
Lnadsmenschaft of Buczacz un Israel, Ofek Printing Houses, Israel ,
1956, p. 263-264.).

In Bursztyn (Rohatyn, Stabnislawow), "Pinchas Haber, the son-in-law of
Avrumtsie >from Bohorodczany, brought a Sefer Torah with him when he
settled in Bursztyn and put it into the Stratyner kloiz where he prayed.
When the murderers began to kill, Pinchas hid the Sefer Torah but no one
knew where . When Bursztyn was liberated by the Russians in 1944, the
Jews who had been in hiding returned to their town to weep over its
destruction. One day, an old Ukrainian woman came to Yaakov Feldman and
said to him that she had a secret that concerned him. At the end of 1941
Pinchas Haber and Mordechai Bernstein gave her a Sefer Torah to hide.
They knew this old lady, whom they called 'Stepanke,' , who was a
Sabbotnik. She took the Sefer Torah >from them and set up a special
'bunker' where she placed it in hay to protect it against dampness.
The old lady gave Feldman a hat to cover his head and he went with her.
The Sefer Torah was still in its hiding place, as she had said, and she
handed it to Yaakov Feldman, the husband of Dazi, the daughter of the
above named Pinchas Haber. After years of wandering, Dazi and Yankel
Feldman came to Israel in 1948 and brought with them the Sefer Torah
that was rescued." (Klarnet Yehoshua Pinchas 'Bursztyn', in Amitay
Mordechai, Ed., Kehilat Rohatyn ve ha sviva - Ir bechayeah uve chiliona
(The Rohatyn Jewish Community - A Town that Perished), published by the
Landsmannschaft of Rohatyn in Israel, Orly Printing house, Tel Aviv,
1962, p. 335.).

In the town of Uhnow (Rawa Ruska, Lwow),in the early days of German
Occupation, June-August 1941, The Germans made the local Jews destroy
the bimah of the synagogue, take out the Torah scrolls to a muddy
field, chop some woods then set the scrolls on fire. "They say that
several Ukrainian women grabbed some of the Torah Scrolls and saved
them, right under the nose of the Germans. They say that 'if you start
up with the God of the Jews, the end won't be good' ".The witness
does not say what happened to the scrolls afterwards. (Rzeczlinski nee
Judenberg Serril (Sonia), 'Rzeczlinski Serril (Sonia) relates' in,
Rotner Rabbbi Nathan, Sefer Zikaron le Hibniv (Uhnow) ve ha sviva
(Memorial Book of Uhnow and vicinity), , published by the
Landsmannschaft of Uhnow and vicinity in Israel, Tel Aviv, 1981, p. 23
of the English part ).

Yad Vashem museum might have a list of scrolls, but I'm not sure

hope this helps (and apologies for the typos, etc).

Rivka Schirman nee Moscisker
Paris, France
Searching: MOSCISKER >from Brody, Budzynin, Buczacz, Okopy Szwietej
Trojce, Krakow, Lwow), WEISSMANN and REINSTEIN >from Okopy Szwietej
Trojce (Borszczow, Tarnopol)

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