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Ami Elyasaf

I am pleased to announce our new Brody project, translation the Ner
Tamid - Brody Yizkor Booksee details -


Project Description

This project is being initiated to fund the translation of Ner-Tamid
- Brody Yizkor Book >from Hebrew into English. The book has about 440
Hebrew pages (and about 65 in English and Polish).

The resulting translations will be posted, as they are completed, in
the Brody Yizkor book translation project at

Key Audiences

This project will allow Galician family history researchers to create
or fill gaps in their family trees and learn something about their
families' Jewish heritage.

This book is the only source that describes those who were born after
1870 and were killed during the holocaust, as the existing vital
records ends in 1870. The material has the potential to be of broader
interest to scholars and educators specializing in Jewish history and
the Holocaust and specifically in the history of eastern Galicia and
the town of Brody.

Project Importance

Yizkor books are unique sources of information on once vibrant towns,
primarily in central and Eastern Europe, whose Jewish populations were
destroyed in the Holocaust. Written after World War II by immigrants
and Holocaust survivors, Yizkor books contain narratives of the
history of a town, details of daily life, religious and political
figures and movements, religious and secular education, and gripping
stories of the major intellectual and Zionist movements of the 20th
century. The necrologies and lists of residents are of tremendous
genealogical value, as often the names of individuals who were taken
to extermination camps or died in the forests are not recorded

The book was recently uploaded to the NYPL Yizkor book website:

All data >from the two previous projects; transcribing Brody's vital
records and mapping the Brody cemetery are open now at

See you in the IAJGS 2013 - Boston, the Brody BOF will take place on
August 7, 2:00-3:15 PM

Ami Elyasaf

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