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Susan Weinberg

For those researching family >from Radom, there are two new resources that
you may want to explore on the Kehilalink. One is a film that was done by
the Resursa Obywatelska, the Arts and Culture Center in Radom. It was done
to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the Radom Ghetto Liquidation. While
it is in Polish, it has quite a bit of footage of the ghetto.

The other is drawn >from a recent book by a former Radom resident who was
an intake scribe in Auschwitz for two and a half years. In that capacity
he saw many of the people who came >from Radom to Auschwitz and an index of
people who are mentioned is incorporated into the book. I've pulled out
the names of the Radom residents and they are listed on the Kehilalink at

Links to both are noted on the homepage under What's New.

Susan Weinberg


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