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I have found an
Abram Schlasser, a 35 year old tailor arriving on January 27, 1913 aboard
the Pennsylvania out of Hamburg (line 0009 of pages 564 and 563). He was
travelling to his brother-in-law, Leib Lask, with his niece and nephew,
Bruche and Samson Markus. They were all born in Makow, Russia. His wife
was still residing in Makow, Russia. You can see the two pages of this
manifest at:\t715-2007\t715-20070564.tif&S=.5\t715-2007\t715-20070563.tif&S=.5

I also found an
Abram Schlaser >from Headkaca, Russia, arriving December 29, 1905, age 28,
aboard the Rhein out of Bremen, Germany. No image was available for that
manifest (or all of reel 1416).

There is a Kreindel Schlosser of Belechow arriving on July 10, 1921 on the
Antwerp (see line 0004 of page 330). Her husband is listed as A. Schlosser
in Brooklyn. Her parents were M. Zucker in Belechow. The two pages of the
manifest can be viewed at\t715-2993\t715-29930331.tif&S=.5\t715-2993\t715-29930330.tif&S=.5

Hope this helps,
Moishe Miller
Brooklyn NY

I hope one of you experts out there can help me. I have been trying to find
my grandfather Abraham SCHLOSSER on the EIDB with no luck. I have a copy of
his naturalisation papers and it looks like (the copy isn't great) he arrived
in NY in September 1913 on the Patricia. I've tried all different spellings
of Abraham but haven't come up with anything. He would have been 35 years
old and he came >from Bolechow. Any suggestions of where to look?

Many thanks for your help,
Karol Schlosser


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