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My Paternal Grandfather Isaac SHERMAN (SZERMAN) had a brother Morris SHERMAN
(SZERMAN). Morris was married to a woman named Sarah, and I had the name
SHAMES as her surname in my records. This may have been supplied by a
family member since I don't have a citation listed. Morris and Sarah were
both borh in Poland. They were married there and before the immigrated to
the United States, they lived first in London, UK and then in Toronto,
Canada. We know they were in London, UK because their oldest daughter was
born there. Recently, I sent for and received the birth record for their
daughter and it has the following information: Rebecca born 11/24/1907
family living at 21 Brady Street, Whitechapel. Name and surname of the
Father Moritz Sherman. Name, surname and maiden name of mother Sarah
Sherman formerly FLEISCHER. Since I don't know where I got the Surname of
SHAMES for Sarah, it appears that her surname was actually FLEISCHER. Is it
possible, that her Father (Abraham) was the Shames at their local synagogue
and someone thought the surname was Shames i.e. Rebecca, the daughter of the
Shames? The family appears to have had roots in Radom. I searched the
Jewishgen databases for marriage records for Morris SZERMAN and Sarah
FLEJSZER, but came up empty. I also searched for Abraham FLEJSZER and Sarah
FLEJSZER, but so far I have not found any matches. Abraham's wife might
have been named Toba. Any suggestions?

Sondra S. Ettlinger

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