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chaim meiersdorf

To all

I am stuck. My father, Shia Majersdorf. His father, Shmuel Majersdorf. His
father Yitzhak Mordeci Majersdorf b 1856. His father Yehuda Leib Majersdorf
b. 1834 married to Faige Rivka Newman. His father Abraham b.? to Chaya
Zlotowitz. I have the record >from the Pultusk archive.

Now for the problem. I have a Shamma Majersdorf b. 1843 married to Sura
Hershkopf. His parents are Abraham Majersdorf and Ruchala Zlotkovitz. This
is >from JRI Poland. You can look it up yourselves.

Are Yehuda Leib and Shamma brothers? The wives last names are the same but
not the first names. Is this a story of two sisters? We have this in our
family in modern times but not generations ago.

I was very careful. I wrote down all the information >from the extracted data
on JRI Poland without trying to have it conform to the tree of the Tribe.
Then I compared it to the same data as it appears on www.ancestry.com, just
to see that someone else read the data the same way. As of the present time
a limited amount of the JRI listings have been extracted. I am afraid that
we may have to wait until all the records are extracted to figure out how
all the Majersdorfs connect with each other.

Please offer advice. Public is just fine.

Chaim Meiersdorf

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