JRI Poland #Poland Re: need help with translating Polish statement #poland

Alex Franz <shikuki@...>

Am 13.12.2013 21:13, schrieb RuthNW:

I'm transcribing some Polish birth records. The following statement
is sometimes included by an official >from the mayor's office.
This is how it appears to me.

Urodzik stanu cywilnego ma spraw wyznani wiary niechneseijanskiej
(The last word might be niechrzeseijanskiej) [...]

Please help me translate the above statement into English. [...]

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, California, USA

Dear Naidia, dear all!

The sentence "Urzednik stanu cywilnego ma spraw wyznan
niechrzescianskiej" simply means that <the Registrar`s office deals with
non-christian affairs>, so maybe the author of the document is trying to
suggest contacting the Registrar's Office [USC - Urzad
Stanu Cywilnego] as they might better be able to help you finding an

KInd regards, Alex. in Mainz/Germany

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