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Linda Shefler

I just discovered that there is a good chance my ggg grandmother was Sara
BOCHNER, but I'm not 100% sure. Here is where the confusion arises: My
ggg grandfather Leib REICHER was born about 1838, possibly in either
Pilzno or Tarnow. I just learned that he was married to Sarah BOCHNER.

My gg grandmother, Rosa REICHER, (daughter of Leib and a woman named Sara)
was 20 years older than her next sibling (Samuel REICHER) that I've been
able to find, and 29 years older than the youngest sibling (Fani REICHER).
While they can be full siblings, I'm not sure if they are, mainly because
of the huge age difference and because the daughter of the youngest
sibling never knew that her mother had a sister, just a brother. All of
them lived in Cleveland, Ohio.

Samuel immigrated in 1904. He came over with my gg grandparents (on one
of their frequent trips back and forth to Europe) and was listed as the
brother-in-law of my gg grandfather. Fani immigrated 2 years later. She
lived with family friends by the name of BLACHMAN, in Cleveland, until she
married. On his marriage license, Samuel indicated his mother's name was
Sara BACHMAN. Fani indicated that her mother's name was Sara BOCHNER. I
can't find a record for my gg grandmother which indicates her mother's
maiden name, just that her name was Sara.

In 1938 David BOCHNER and his family immigrated to the US, David was born
in Jodlowa (near both Pilzno and Tarnow). His wife Dora was >from Tarnow
and their children were born in Berlin. Samuel and Fani sponsored them
and the manifest indicated they were cousins. They spent a few years in
Cleveland and then moved to Saratoga Springs where they managed the New
Windsor Hotel.

I've contacted everyone in JGFF who might be connected to the BOCHNER
family, but so far I've only had one response with no known connection.
I've been through the JRI Poland records but can't seem to find the
appropriate family. Is anyone familiar with the family of David BOCHNER
(born about 1890), or Sara (nee BOCHNER) REICHER (born about 1840)? I
would love to learn more about this family and piece it all together. I
would also like to confirm one way or the other if my gg grandmother Rosa
was a full or half sibling to Samuel and Fani.

As always, many thanks for your time!
Linda Silverman Shefler
San Francisco East Bay

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