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Dear friends

I would appreciate some help with the following:

The marriage record of my grandfather Mordechai Yosef WAKSZTOK is >from
1937, registered in Kalisz. I know that by that time he already had at
least 7 children. What could be the reason that he waited so long to
register his marriage?

Another mystery: According to his marriage license he was born in 1896,
in warta (blazski-kalsz). I didn't find any records to that effect.
His father was Yaakov (Bunim) WAKSZTOK. Yaakov Bunim's first wife was
Chana and after she died he married Mordechai Yosef's mother, whose
name is registered in the marriage license as Sara Rivka Parzenczewska
(Pewienczewska Panenczewska). In all my searches I couldn't find any
record of Yakov (Bunim's) second marriage, of Mordechai Yosef's birth
or of Sara Rivka's birth.

I would appreciate any help.
Thank you, Avraham Lapa

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