Re: Searching for town of Hastor,Hawrilak or Holstow #galicia

Alexander Sharon

"Shmuel Metz (Seymour J.)" <> wrote:

I'm looking for any information on a town called Hastor, Hawrilak or
Holstow, probably in Galicia but possibly elsewhere in Austria or

Shmuel (Seymour J.) Metz, SysProg and JOAT



During Poland's interwar period Hawrylak was identified as village in
Horodenka district, Stanislawow Province, close to Kolomyja and Obertyn.
According to 1921 general census, it had just below 800 population.
Currently village is known as Gavrylyak at 4844 2512 (refer to ShtetlSeeker
to pinpoint the location on the map)

I could not locate village Jewish population data, or HAwrylak relation to
the alternative names "Holstow" or "Hastor".

Hope this help,

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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