JRI Poland #Poland WWI casualty lists searchable, high-quality images at Upper Austrian Regional Library #poland

Logan J. Kleinwaks

Very clear images of World War I casualty lists for Austria-Hungary
are viewable and full-text searchable on the website of the Upper
Austrian Regional Library. To search the casualty lists, enter your
search term (e.g., surname, surname and given name, surname and town)
at http://digi.landesbibliothek.at/viewer/browse/periodika.verlustliste*/-/1/CURRENTNOSORT/-/.

In the list of search results, click on a thumbnail image to show a
medium-size image with the matching text highlighted. Even larger
images can then be viewed by 1) clicking the full-screen button above
the medium-size image and then using the zoom slider at the top, or 2)
moving the grey slider above the medium-size image to the right to
zoom in. When zoomed in, an image can be clicked-and-dragged to
change the section that is visible.

The search results for these images (generated via OCR) seem to be
(much?) more accurate than those for the same lists at other sites
(e.g., Austrian National Library at
or Kramerius Digital Library at
http://kramerius.nkp.cz/kramerius/handle/ABA001/24665809). This might
be because of the superior quality of their images.

The Upper Austrian Regional Library has not yet posted all its lists
online. They have so far posted about 40% of known lists, and are
digitizing more each day, essentially in chronological order from
earliest to latest. It remains to be seen how much their online
collection will ultimately overlap with the others in scope.

Logan Kleinwaks
near Washington, D.C.

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