JRI Poland #Poland Ancestor risen from the dead? #poland

Adam Goodheart

One of my ancestral families is WAYSMAN (also sometimes WAJSMAN or
WAYS), which I've traced to the tiny farming village of Chutcze
(halfway between Wlodawa and Chelm) in the early 19th century. This
was a remarkable family, because, if the documents can be believed,
one of its members apparently came back >from the dead:

August 14, 1833: Chelm birth records note the birth of Moszko Waysman
(and his twin sister, Gitla) in the village of Chutcze, the son of
Zysia Waysman, tenant farmer, age 49, and his wife, Fayga, age 40.

August 23, 1833: Chelm death records note the death of Moszko Waysman,
age 9 days, in the village of Chutcze, son of Zysia Waysman, tenant
farmer, and his wife, Feyga.

August 21, 1851: Wlodawa marriage records note the wedding of Moszko
Wajsman, age 18 years, born in the village of Chutcze in the Chelm
district, son of Zusia Wajsman, cattle farmer, and his wife, Feyga, to
Resla Orenszteyn, age 19.

Maybe the true story can never be known, but I'd be interested in any
suggestions. The village of Chutcze was so small that it's pretty much
impossible there were two different families with the same names. And
of course the bridegroom's age matches up exactly to the original
"dead" Moszko.

My first thought was that maybe the Waysmans had a subsequent son they
named Moszko (and later lost track of his age), but wasn't this
against traditional Jewish practice?

Adam Goodheart
Washington, D.C.

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