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Alexander Sharon

Hi Ruth,

Intercyza (>from the Latin " intercisio") is an English equivalent of
prenuptial agreement.
"Podpis nowozencow i ksiedza dajacego slib..." in this particular sentence
this means ...a signatures of the newlyweds and the officiated wedding


Alexander Sharon
Calgary, AB

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I came across the following words or terms in the headings of some
Polish marriage records. I would like to know how they translate into
English. (My Polish-English dictionary wasn't sufficiently helpful!)

1. In the phrase, "Data i numer intercyzy," what does the fourth
word "intercyzy" mean?

2. What does "ksiedza dajacego" mean within the context of the
following phrase? "Podpis nowozencow i ksiedza dajacego slub"
I know that "podpis" means signature(s) in English; "nowo zency"
means newly weds, "ksiega" can mean register, large book or volume,
and "slub" has several meanings including marriage, wedding or
wedding vow.)

Any help will be appreciated.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, CA
Formerly of Birmingham, England

Researching (partial list)

KRAWIECKI, Lodz, Poland
KUJAWSKI, Kalisz, Lodz, Poland
MICHALACZ, Lodz, Poland
DROSZIASZ, Karczew, Odwock, Poland

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