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Alexander Sharon

From: "Barb Herrly" <>

Can anyone tell me about the possibility of a Jewish person converting
to Catholicism for political reasons prior to WWI?
Researching SLONSKI >from Slonne (Jordanow subdistrict, Myslenice Main
district) and ZAMARLO >from Spytkowice (same as above districts)
Who would I contact regarding birth records for these tow towns? The
main districts or the provinces in which they are located? Any
assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Barbara Herrly


This is provided in part to supplement Naomi Fatouros posting regarding
location of Slonne and Spytkowice in Poland.

Both villages have been located within the Krakow administration
jurisdiction, and in my opinion, inquiries should be directed to
Archiwum Panstwowe (The State Archives) Krakow, 30-960, ul. Sienna 16
(Address is obtained >from
Krakow Archives will redirect the inquiry to the local Archives branches (eg
Nowy Sacz), if this is required.

Slonne is identified through the ShtetelSeeker as located at 4937 2000 (do
not confuse with Slonne in Przemysl region at 4948 2221).
Prior to WWII, Slonne, powiat (distict) Makow had 650 residents (1921
census) and was also identified as the summer retreat near Rabka.

Spytkowice powiat Makow are identified as located at 4935 1950 (and again,
please do not confuse with Spytkowice located at 4959 1931 also in Krakow

Spytkowice was a larger place with 2,400 residents, known >from its saw

Hope this help

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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