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Greg Tuckman

I have posted 5 vital records in Russian for which I need an extraction of
data. They are on ViewMate at the following addresses. Thank you for your

1. Birth record of Abram Jakob MINTZ, AKT #622, Lublin, 1876. Son of Josef
and Malka Doba Goldman. I am looking for the exact date of birth.

2. Death record of Estera MINTZ, AKT #570, Lublin, 1886. Daughter of Josef
and Doba. Looking for her AGE and the DATE of death.

3. Birth record of Szymon TENENBAUM, AKT #581, 1890, Lublin, Poland. Son of
Jakob Josek and Serka Mintz. Looking for date of birth and the age of both
parents. http://www.jewishgen.org/viewmate/viewmateview.asp?key=VM35541

4. Death record of Gerszon TENENBAUM, AKT #1250, 1892, Lublin. Son of Jakob
Josek and Serka MINTZ. Looking for the date of death and Gerszon's age.

5. Birth record of Chaia Ruchla GOLDMAN, AKT #677, 1893, Lublin. Daughter of
Szymon and Estera FEDERMAN. Looking for her date of birth.

Greg Tuckman
Arizona USA

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