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Hello everyone,

I recently found a document that indicates that a previously unknown
rother of my great-great-grandmother went >from Poland to New York via
Antwerp early last century. The document, which comes >from the so-called
"Belgian police files" (indexed in one of the large commercial sites),
is in French and dated 1908, and states that his foreign address
("foreign" being outside Belgium) was "93 Pietstreet, New York,
America." It does not give the name of anyone he might have been going
to at that address.

The handwriting on the document is very clear and I am sure I read the
street name correctly. So, I tried Googling "Piet Street" New York, but
turned nothing up. I did find a Pitt Street in Manhattan and looked at it
via Street View, but do not know if that is the right street. There don't
seem to be any signs of Jewish life in the area now, and, in fact, there
is now a Catholic church and school right where no. 93 would have been.

Thanks to Steve Morse's excellent ED finding tool, however, I managed
to find the Pitt Street pages in the 1940 U.S. census, and realized that
it must once have been a very Jewish area, as there were many Jewish names
there then. However, there were no names similar to my relative's or his
wife's at no. 93 or elsewhere in the street.

I also searched JewishGen's and JRI-Poland's various databases very
thoroughly (including JOWBR and Family Finder and every other possible
JewishGen database) but found nothing. Similarly, I searched the U.S.
immigration, naturalization and census records online (in the big
commercial sites), and various grave-finding websites, but also found
nothing. I also tried Facebook and U.S. directories to find people with
that surname, but couldn't find anything likely. I did get some hits
for people with similar names, but other details (widely differing
dates of birth, for example) eliminated them.

So, at present, the only lead I have to this relative is this doubtful
street name ("Pietstreet," which may or may not be Pitt Street, Manhattan)
from the Belgian document. I'm stumped. I would welcome any suggestions on
how to proceed!

For those interested, the document names my relative as Sender KRYSKA,
rn inn 1873 in Sieradz (son of Juda KRYSKA and Reisel GABELSKI) ,
husband of Fanie GENKOWSKY (born in 1882 in "Belgartow, Russia").
It was not clear >from the document whether Sender was in Antwerp on
his own or whether his wife was with him.

Thanks in advance,
Raanana, Israel.

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