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Steve Adelson <sjadelson@...>

Many thanks to everyone who has replied to my request for information
on the 1871 UK census form! The consensus is:

Samuel Pizer: Rashowns -> Raszkow
Fanny Pizer: Coneen -> Konin
Morris Abrahams: Casinere -> Kazimierz (Possibly Kazimierz Biskupi,
which is
8mi >from Konin)

A little more background for those interested, and if anyone might have
additional thoughts:

My gg-grandfather Morris was born around 1850 in "Poland", and had his
first two children in London. I have a copy of the birth registry of the
second child in 1875, >from whence I got the maiden name of my
gg-grandmother, Sarah Jacoby. Supposedly the first child was also born
in England in 1872, but I have not been able to locate a birth registry
for her, nor a marriage registry for my gg-grandparents. What is
especially interesting about the 1871 census with (a) Morris Abrahams
as a border with the Pizers is that his third child, the first born in
the US, was given the name Peyser. This is highly unusual for a given
name, and I have never seen it on anyone else. I have no idea how it
came about; perhaps Morris's mother was a Pizer? But the family name
here is a huge coincidence if there is no relation.

The Abrahams are my most recent "brick wall", and I hope someday to
break it down. There's a YDNA test in progress now >from a direct male
descendent which hopefully will provide some clues.

Steve Adelson

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