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Tim Homewood

Dear all, thank you to those who helped me with my previous question
about the place of birth for my ancestor, Lewis Jacobs. Please feel free
to add any more suggestions.

One place suggested was Parczew and in searching the JRI-Poland archives
I was presented with one entry. In the record I found a name similar to
my great great great grandfather however it's mentioned in every entry,
which leads me to believe he is recorded in an official capacity. Could
some one explain the structure of the death record to me and what role
was played by the two gentlemen who have signed the end of each entry?

I've uploaded the record here:

My great great great grandfather was Henry/Henri Jacobs and his Hebrew
name was Yehuda Leib according to the London Great Synagogue marriage
record of his son Lewis. The first of the two "official" names appears
to be Jude Leib Jekowicz, followed by a title. If anyone can let me know
what his role would have been and also his Hebrew name I would be very

Thank you in advance,
Tim Homewood
London, UK

CASPER Angel Levy - born around 1756, London, England
SOLOMONS/HENRY - Germany (before 1820), London
WOOLFSON - Germany (before 1820), London, Plymouth, Jersey
JACOBS - Poland (before 1850) and London
ROSENBERG/VLOSKY - Pultusk, Poland (before 1870) and London

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