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IAJGS2015 Publicity

Enjoy a rare genealogical feast of knowledge when top experts >from
around the globe gather in Jerusalem.

Nearly 200 guest lecturers will share their expertise and research
on the world's main Jewish communities including North America,
Eastern and Western Europe, Israel, and Russia, plus they'll take
you to such exotic Jewish genealogical destinations as Tuscany,
Casablanca, Sweden, Spain, Ethiopia, India, South Africa, Belgium,
Latvia, Moldava, and many, many more. Their lectures will encompass
a host of topics, >from technological developments in genealogical
research to perspectives on the Holocaust to the science of
onomastics (the study of names), and a wealth of other topics
including DNA. A genealogist's delight!

It pays to register by April 15 at www.iajgs2015.org for the 35th
IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy in Jerusalem >from
July 6-10, 2015, to be eligible for early registration discount and
our April 15 drawing for special prizes.

Prizes for the upcoming drawing include hotel accommodations, annual
MyHeritage.com subscriptions, Ancestry.com subscriptions, and more.
Congratulations to the March 15th drawing winners: Bob Friedman who
won a ticket to the Israel Museum; Jeffrey Mark Paull, a SIG Luncheon,
and Bernard Valman, 2 hours of consultation. Prizes are continually
being added. Enhanced cancellation/refund -- A reminder that Ortra,
our conference organizer, is offering "no questions asked"
cancellation/refund covering both hotel and total registration
refunds, valid up to almost the eve of the conference (see details at
the conference website under the Registration tab, registration FAQ.)

Don't miss the pre-Conference Shabbaton on the Friday-Saturday, July
3-4 weekend preceding the Conference, followed by an unforgettable
"Exploration Sunday" on July 5. Full and fascinating details are on
the conference website www.iajgs2015.org under the Program tab.

Conference Discussion Group and Social Media

Sign up for our ongoing Conference discussion group, where
announcements and special offers are being posted. Just click on the
link under the FAQ tab of the conference website, www.iajgs2015.org
to sign-up and stay informed. Also, follow us on Facebook and

See you in Jerusalem in July for the momentous and exciting 35th
IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy!

Michael Goldstein, Chairman
35th IAJGS International Conference on Jewish Genealogy

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