JRI Poland #Poland Jewish woman descended from a Polish queen? #poland

RuthNW <ruthnw@...>

I just came across the record of a married woman whose given name
was originally Jadwiga. Was amazed to discover that Jadwiga was a
14th century Polish monarch!

Her name was Ita/Jadwiga FRUMER (with an umlaut over the "U").
(I'm assuming that FRUMER is a variant of FRYMER, her husband's
surname, even though it sounds Germanic.) Ita's parents were
Moszek Zysel (unmistakably Jewish!) and Estera DOBROCZYCKICH/POZANSKA.
Estera is always (or at least usually) considered Jewish - but what
about those two last names - would they be considered "Jewish?"

I'm wondering whether Ita's mother was of mixed parentage. Otherwise
why would a (supposedly Jewish woman be named after a Polish (Christian)

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.

Naidia Woolf
San Francisco, California

Researching (partial list):

DROZDIASZ: Karczew, Otwock, Poland
KRAWIECKI, Lodz,, Poland
KUJAWSKI: Lodz, Kalisz, Poland
MICHALASZ, ?, Poland
ISAACS: Mlawa, Poland (original Polish surname unknown)

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