JRI Poland #Poland did anyone ever was in contact with the Tashkent archives? #poland

Eli Brauner

Many many Jews >from Poland fled to Uzbekistan. Many more were expelled to
these area by the Soviets.

Uzbekistan was the main base of the Anders Army. I'm researching this
episode in order to locate data sources on the Jewish soldiers
that serve in the army.

It is possible that one of the family was with the army. Not to mention the
fact that almost 40,000 civilians were evacuated with the army to Persia
and the Middle East.

As so it is wise to look in the lists of the 115, 000 Polish persons that
left Uzbekistan in 1942.

And last remark...in Tashkent exist a unique archive. In the center of the
city on metal plates are the details of tens of thousands of citizens
of the country - victims of WW2.

Eli Brauner

Ariel Kubi wrote
our family arrived to Uzbekistan during the 1940's but surprisingly they are
not listed in any of the online databases (Jewishgen, USHMM, ancestry etc.)

We are thinking to address the archive itself in Uzbekistan, if anyone did
it before can he please share >from his personal account about dealing with
the archive there?

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