JRI Poland #Poland New Cadastral Maps for Jagielnica & Sliwnica X 2 #poland

Pamela Weisberger

Three new maps have been added to Gesher Galicia's Cadastral Map Room:
one for Jagielnica and one each for two different towns with the same
name of Sliwnica:


Jagielnica Cadastral Map 1861

Full-color cadastral map of the village of Jagielnica (Yahilnytsya,
Yagelnitsa, Yagelnitza) near Czortkow, originally surveyed in 1827,
then updated and lithographed in 1861. Land parcels and houses are all
clearly numbered. Details included in the map are a well-developed
market square, Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic churches, a large
Catholic cemetery, and an unusual number of small Catholic road and
way markers. At the time this map was made, the village Jewish
community had four parcels listed in the property registers, including
two adjacent plots perhaps intended for a cemetery.

Sliwnica Cadastral Map 1852 (Sanok Kreis)


A complete, full-color cadastral map of the entire village of Sliwnica
(Sliwnica) near Nienadowa at the border of three Galician kreise,
surveyed and lithographed in 1852. All buildings and land parcels are
clearly numbered. Extensive redline manuscript revisions show changes
intended for a later update. The village has no marked center; the map
shows the development of farmlands and orchards along several small
and large waterways, plus two large granaries (one with a mill), and
an inn placed strategically at the three-way administrative border.

Sliwnica Cadastral Map 1853 (Sambor Kreis)


A complete, full-color cadastral map of the entire small village of
Sliwnica (Slyvnytsya, Sliwnica) near Chyrow, surveyed and lithographed
in 1853. All buildings and land parcels are clearly numbered. Less
than 50 small houses and farm structures, all wooden, dot the
landscape among fruit and vegetable gardens on both sides of the large
town creek, and other smaller brooks feed farmlands and pastures
further out.

It's important to note that many Galician towns had identical or
similar names which often changed over time. To make sure you know
your correct ancestral shtetl or village, you should always confirm
the kreis, administrative district (if you know what these were during
the years your relatives lived there) or note the neighboring areas or
villages (even better, the exact coordinates) so you don't end up
researching the incorrect place.

Consulting Gesher Galicia's Galician Town Locator here:

- will help you see other towns with similar names and make the
correct distinction as can reviewing gazetteers for Galicia and
JewishGen's Jewish Communities Database. Thanks are due to our
digital cartography coordinator, Jay Osborn, for his continuing
excellent work on our map collection!

Pamela Weisberger
President, Gesher Galicia

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