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Leah and Eli Teicher

For several years I am "stuck" in one of my family's research. Repeating the
research was unfruitful.
Even though-
I am trying to find descendants, if there are, or the fate of my father's
in-law uncle who immigrated to the U.S.A for 4 times being a resident
in U.S.A . No evidence was found as to what happened to him or to his wife
after landing in New York...

His name was ARON TEICHER (BORN 1871 - 1873?), his wife LEIE/LINA/LENA
(born 1878/9?) Aron Teicher was the son of CHUNNE/CHUNNA/KHUNNA TEICHER.
(right name - Chunna Teicher was my father in law grandfather)
from the village RUDNIKI near ZABLOTOV/ZABLOTIV, then Poland now Ukraine.
He declared so every time he arrived in N.Y, also that he left there his

What is known is (Ellis Island and Ancestry.com data bases):
1. ARON TEICHER's arrival: November 27th 1899 to N.Y to his brother-in-law
Lewis Fischman who lived in 114 1/2 Essex St., N.Y
Passenger ID:604028050096
Could not find Fischman's descendants

2. LEIE's arrival on February 13th 1900 - to her husband who lived in the
address above.
ID:603798020256. Could not trace her.
As to Ancestry.com - There is a woman named Lena Teicher. I have her
death certificate and tried to
Find their descendants no luck.
Her husband there is Hyman Teicher.

3. ARON TEICHER (written as a mistake Feicher) arrival 26th November 1909
To his aunt CIWYE TEICHER, who lived in 292 Cherry St. N.Y
On that arrival he declared he was single , he was detained for couple
of days and released as he was a resident.
There in his record line it is written he arrived also on 1905 to the
ID: 101728020408
And when he was released his ID no. was 101728020574

Tried many names' and surnames' variations to find ARON TEICHER and LEIE
TEICHER as an "American " ones - no luck so far. I have no idea if they
even left the U.S.A

I am curious and anxious to know these people and at least their fate.
My husband has no extended family and we might go this summer to the U.S.A.

Most thankful to any idea how to find them.
Leah Teicher

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