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Dear Friends,

Forgive the length of this story.

My grandmother, Rose KANNER (b. Dabrowa Tanowska) married Jacob (Jack)
GROSS (b. Chortkov) in NYC. Soon after my mother was born my grandfather
abandoned the family. In the early 1950s it was found that my
grandfather had married Katie ROSENBERG in the late 1940s without
having divorced my grandmother. The family memory is that my grandfather
was arrested for bigamy and spent time in Rikers Island. In 1953 my
grandmother sued for divorce, which was granted. I have the Final
Judgement in the case but I would like to get access to the original
complaint. Does anyone have a suggestion as to how to get the complaint?
Also, any ideas to get access to the court and/or prison records
regarding the bigamy charge against my grandfather? Finally, in the
divorce decree there is a provision that "it shall not be lawful
for the defendant [my grandfather] to marry any person other than the
plaintiff [my grandmother] during the lifetime of the plaintiff, except
by express permission of the Court." Is this common in a divorce?

Thank you.

Richard Stower

Researching: KANNER, SCHMIDT (Dobrowa Tarnowska, Kielce); GROSS, FELLNER
(Chortkow); SECHESTOWER, THAU, SPIERMAN, GRAFF (Kolomyya, Stanislau)

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