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Randy and others;

I visited many of those places and I know personally some of the people who are taking care about the
cemeteries and are making lists of graves. A good example is Fred Chvatal and/or Pilsen Jewish community
which recently compiled registers on several cemeteries in western Bohemia. Also there are quite a few
PhD thesis on different cemeteries with more or less complete list of graves.

Being you I would use the list of cemeteries that Achab Haidler put on his wonderful and
gradually fulfil the parts that he did NOT work at. He may be contacted to learn what he is working at
now and what he would suggest to do.

I do not know what sources Prague Jewish Museum has. I heard that they plan to put some online in the
future - this shall be cleared, too, to avoid any duplicity.

On Austria-Czech web we shall put special page and to gather bunch of links that already work like the
one for Brno, Ivancice, Trebic and Uhersky Ostrov at the web page of Brno Jewish community with (search
for deceased person):

I could be a kind of coordinator in CR to collect information >from local sources including the cemeteries
that were not documented yet. You shall find volunteers for indexing the names >from recently made
registers/PhD thesis that I would gradually gather.

All of this shall be combined with the indexing of the death books at It is rather long-term
project and it depends if we give it a priority.

Julius Muller

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