JRI Poland #Poland New Releases on IGRA's Website Including New/Updated Databases Added to AID (All Israel Databases) #poland

Elena Bazes <ebazes@...>

IGRA has just released new/updated databases and a webinar by the late
Pamela Weisberger on its website. Before viewing the new releases,
please register for free on the IGRA website


New and updated databases to the AID (All Israel Databases):

1) Marriage and Divorce Certificates 1927-1948-Updated
This database includes certificates issued during the British Mandate
to those requesting copies of their certificates. The certificates
include both old and new names (first and last), nationality and
address. Some include information about parents. This is not a list
of certificates issued by the Rabbinate.=20

2) Name Changes in the Palestine Gazette 1921-1948-updated=20
This database includes links to scans of pages of the collection.

3) Name changes in the Official Gazette (Yalkut Ha-pirsumim)
1948 and 1954-Updated 1978-New
This database includes names >from the official Israeli government

To view the databases, go to http://genealogy.org.il/AID/index.php

Webinar by the late Pamela Weisberger

As a tribute to the memory of Pamela Weisberger, z"l, IGRA has
received permission >from her family to make Pamela's recorded lectures
available to the public. The first lecture/webinar, Chutes and Ladders,
Innovative Approaches to Genealogy, is now available.

To view the webinar go to http://genealogy.org.il/2016/01/15/6670/

Elena Bazes
IGRA Publicity Chairperson

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