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Alexander Sharon


Appears to be like corrupted version of town Zaklikow (accented letter "o")
in Lublin Guberniya.
It would be helpful to furnish researched person's family name.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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I have the WW I draft registration, naturalization petition, and ship's
manifest for an individual.

- The draft registration indicates that he was born in Frampol, which was
in Lublin Guberniya.
- The petition indicates that he was born in Lublin.
- The manifest indicates that his last residence was Zalitkof.

I cannot find anyplace in the Frampol or Lublin area that remotely resembles
the name "Zalitkof". JG Town Finder gets no hits on a D-M match in the
former Russian Empire. Google gets no hits on that exact spelling; if you
drop the "f" to "Zalitko", it is the surname of the Russian-born actress and
model, Ekaterina / Katya Zalitko ("Guardians of the Galaxy"). There are two
towns near Ternopil beginning with "Zali" that are more than 150 miles from

Any ideas as to whether Zalitkof is a place name, or something else?

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