District of Stanislau #galicia

Joyce Eastman <wldwoman1@...>

Perhaps my original posting was not clear or not worded properly.

What I wanted to know is if it was possible for Sucha (now Sucha Beskidzka
or Biala (now Bielsko-Biala)both now in Poland, to have been considered at
one time part of Ivano-Frankovsk since they were born in the "District of
Stanislau" in the 1800's. My research has reached a dead end - particular
with the SCHEIER name.

I know that Stanislau is now called Ivano-Frankovsk and is in the Ukraine.
Am I wrong to be searching there for relatives?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Researching: SCHEIER - Bielsko-Biala & possibly Ivano-Frankovsk
RUFEISEN - Sucha Beskidzka & possibly Ivano-Frankovsk

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