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Jerry Small

My grandparents, John and Jennie Small, according to the 1910
US census, were married in 1906. Where in the US I do not know.
Also, the year of immigration listed for John is 1891 and for
Jennie is 1906. The year for John is correct, as I have the
passenger manifest. I want to believe that 1906 was the
immigration year for Jennie but I have have been unsuccessful
in my search for the passenger manifest. It can be no later
than 1906 because my father was born in Mississippi in December
of that year.

She came >from Rypin Poland, born around 1885, and the family
name was Wabik. The brothers and sisters who came later (1907-1920)
had this name listed on their manifests which I have. Unfortunately,
all of this and next generation have passed on, so I am left with
no one to ask. Also I do not know the given name that may appear
on a manifest though it probably is not Jennie.

Hoping to resolve this issue, but I understand that there's much
missing information.

Jerry Small

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