Re: Need spelling that FHL in SLC uses for online search of records #galicia

Alexander Sharon

I had trouble finding these towns while searching online
for the Mormon FHL website. If anyone
knows the spelling of the town that the FHL, please let me know.,

Myszniec (prounounced Mushnik) Lithuania
Serejie, Lithuania
Ostrolenka, Poland
Stryzow, Galicia
This is probably Strusov near Trembowla. The FHLC has it as Strusow.

Brian Stern Lexington, KY
This is probably one of:

a. Strzyzow (south of Rzeszow, Western Galicia) or
b. Strzyzow near Hrubieszow (Lublin region) or
c. Strzyzow (Radom region)

Note: "The" Strzyzow was located near Rzeszow

There 29 entries for Stryzow in JGFF database

Ostrolenka should read: Ostroleka, Poland ('letter 'e' with the tail), there
242 entries for Ostroleka in JGFF adtabase

Musnik, Mushnik is known as Musninkai, Lithuania

Serejie, Sereje, Seyriyay, Serze, Seiriju, is known as Seirijai, Lithuania

Good hunting

Alex Sharon

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