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Alexander Sharon


Just to confirm moderator's note about town location in Belarus.

Powiat drohicki (also known as drohiczynski) was established on
December 12, 1920.
Under administration of this powiat (county) were shtetls Janow
and Motol. Motol is listed among Celia Haupt's ancestral places.


Alexander Sharon
JGFF editor

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A passport record >from the JRI-Poland JHI Passports data that could
perhaps relate to a relative, Chaim Simanowski, shows his birthplace
as Drohiczyn. The passport lists him as living in the "drohicki pow."
or Drohicyn area. Is this likely to be in present day Poland at 52 24'
N 22 39' E, or in Belarus at 52 11' N 25 09' E? Why would you say

Thanks for your insights.

MODERATOR'S NOTE: We checked with the Coordinator of the JRI-Poland
Aliyah Passport Project, who indicated that although both towns were
in Poland during the Interwar years, the one that is today in Belarus
is listed simply as Drohiczyn in the database, while the one that
is today in Poland, Drohiczyn nad Bugiem (on the Bug River) is
listed as Drohiczyn n/B. So the town listed simply as Drohiczyn
would be the one that is today in Belarus.

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