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Hank Mishkoff

My fifth cousin Jonathan Misch (a Myszkowski descendant, like me)
visited Przerosl in June and recorded a video in the Jewish Cemetery
there. I've posted the video on the home page of the project to restore
the cemetery, which is at http://www.Przerosl.com/. Just follow that link
and click on the video to view it. It's only 15 minutes long -- and like
many tours of decaying Jewish cemeteries in Europe, it's both sad and
fascinating at the same time.

The cemetery does not appear to have been vandalized, but 75 years of
neglect have left it looking more like a wooded lot than a cemetery.
But having said that: Some headstones are still visible, and some of
those appear to be legible. I say "appear to be" because I don't read ...
Hebrew -- but if you do, and if you have family >from Przerosl, take a
look, the video might hold some pleasant surprises for you.

If you are able to translate any of the more-legible fragments, please
let me know pprivately so as not to clutter up this discussion. Thank you!!

Hank Mishkoff

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