JRI Poland #Poland ViewMate translation request from German & Polish - LOEFFLER, KATZ (LEVY) & BECKER documents, Lubiewo-Tuchola area (Prussia) #poland

Tamar Amit <ta.genealogy@...>

More Tuchola-Lubiewo registrations have been uploaded to Viewmate.
I'd appreciate any assistance with exact dates, names of parents,
spouses including maiden names, occupations, ages, where they came
from, if they were still alive at the time, other relatives, relation
to the applicant/witness if any etc.

They are in the following addresses:

Birth registration of LOEFFLER Paulina, Lubiewo 1881 (German).

Birth registration of LOEFFLER Tobias, Lubiewo 1874 (German).

Birth registration of KATZ Karolina, Tuchola 1885 (Polish).

Death registration of BECKER Rehla, Tuchola 1881 (Polish).

Please respond via the form provided in the ViewMate application.

Thank you very much,

Tamar Amit

Researching: BECKER, LEVY (all variants), LOEFFLER, all >from the
Tuchola area

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