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Hanna Shvo

Good day, my friends!

I am using JewishGen and JRI-Poland for more than 10 years.
All that time I am trying >from time to time to find information about my
grandfather Joseph Szwarcman >from Janow Lubelski, Poland.
I found the marriage document with my grandmother Sara
I found almost all the document of the family.
My mother, aunt, uncle succeeded to come to Israel before the Holocaust,
but the rest of the family were murdered.
My Aunt, who arrived to Israel was the youngest child of the Szwarcman
family, she was born on 1906.
There is no documents since that day.
I could not find any death certificate of my grandfather,
Apart >from the following:

http://www.sztetl.org.pl/en/article/krasnik/5,history/ (virtual shtetl)

On May-June of 1944:
Among the Jews who were shot by firing squad in the labour camp in
Budzyn were the following persons: Cymerman, Fajngold Aron
(Trzydnik), Ferst, Fersztman, Mogiluk Kuszel (Smorgonie), Nudelman
Mojesz, Pomaranc Anciel-Jankiel, Dr. Pupko (Warsaw), Rozencwajg,
Szwarcman Josef (Janow Lubelski), ..........

I wonder if there is a way to get more details about Szwarcman Josef
(Janow Lubelski)-my grandfather.
Who has the list of those who were shot by the Germans.

Thanks for any hint or for solving this problem that bother me for a
long long time.

Hanna Shvo

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