JRI Poland #Poland New Book: History of the Jewish Community of Schoenlanke 1736-1940 #poland

Gary Mokotoff

Peter Simonstein Cullman has produced yet another magnificent
history/yizkor book about a German town that today is in Poland.
"History of the Jewish Community of Schoenlanke 1736-1940" represents
six years of meticulous research, into the more than the 200-year
history of the Jewish community of Schoenlanke (today Trzcianka, Poland).

The Schoenlanke book's narrative commences with an illustration of the
Jewish existence in German lands in the age of Charlemagne, the birth
of the Polish nation and the impact of geopolitical upheavals on Jewish
life, while extraordinary heights of Jewish culture were reached in
16th century Poland. The reader is led to witness the evolution of
the community's religious life under Prussia's pedantic rule in tandem
with the Jewish Enlightenment. A portrait of Jews in war and peace,
an introduction to the community's social fiber and its venerable
rabbis is followed by an analysis of a history-making religious
conversion of one of this community's members.

Extensive annotated community registers of the early 1800s may allow for
genealogical research by linking the ancestries of early families to the
near present. The book concludes with the chapter Lo tishkach ('Do not
forget') identifying Jewish victims and survivors of the Holocaust >from
the town. This exceptionally detailed biographical documentation of the
lives and fates of the community's hundreds of victims and survivors of
the Holocaust serves as a memoir of a once flourishing Jewish community
that ceased to exist in 1940.

The book is 480 pages, hardcover. Ordering information, including the
complete Table of Contents, can be found at

MODERATOR'S NOTE: This is a one-time allowable mention of a commercial
offering that may be of genealogical interest to readers of this list.

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