Correction: Boryslaw Connection to Krakow Jewish Festival #galicia

Carole Glick Feinberg <feincgs@...>

Dear Friends,

A thousand pardons for supplying the wrong URL in my
previous post.
I must go back to school to learn how to cut and paste.
Here is what I should have posted:

Our thanks go to Alex Sharon for alerting us to an article
that recently appeared in JTA, the Global News Service of
the Jewish People, regarding his Boryslaw boyhood and
lifelong friend, Israeli Ambassador to Poland, the
Shewach Weiss.

This story, "Israeli ambassador to Poland beloved for his
personal touch," by Ruth E. Gruber,
may be accessed at the following JTA:

Please be sure to highlight the entire URL.

This article may not be reproduced without JTA's
permission and more information about JTA is available
on its web site at: <>


Carole Glick Feinberg
Atlanta, Georgia, USA

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